NEW! CGR Reward Card Scheme

CGR Reward Card Scheme 2021 Terms & Conditions

1. The CGR Air refill Reward scheme (Scheme) is scheduled to operate at both CGR stores in the UK.

2. Subject to availability of the card, one stamp, and one reward card will be distributed during the Scheme on the first purchase of air refill service and can be stamped from then onwards.

3. Once you have completed your Reward Card by having nine stamps on it, in accordance with the terms of this Scheme you will be entitled to obtain one free regular air refill for your air rifle or bottle cylinder.

4. Any Reward Card which appears in the absolute discretion of our shop to be photocopied, counterfeit, illegible, stolen or damaged will be invalid for all purposes and will be retained by us.

5. The Promoter reserves the right to not accept any Sticker or Reward Card if in its absolute discretion you have not participated properly in the Scheme. You agree that the following shall not be considered to be proper participation in the Scheme:

(a) any purchase (including via a third party (for example, eBay), sale, offer to sell, giving away or other dealing with any reward cards save for as expressly permitted in these Terms,

(b) any use for any purpose whatsoever of CGR advertising, any feature taken from such advertising, and/or of the intellectual property rights in or to such advertising, and

(c) any breach by you of any of these Terms.

6. The Promoter may terminate or suspend the Scheme (entirely or in part) at any time if supervening circumstances occur which are beyond the Promoter's reasonable control (including, without limit, where stocks have been exhausted due to unexpected demand or have become un-useable for any reason). Details of any such termination or suspension shall be posted on social media and on the same page as these Terms.

7. The Promoter retains at all times ownership of, and all intellectual property rights in and to, all the reward cards and advertising in connection with the Scheme.