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KalibrGun Cricket Standard Synthetic
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KalibrGun Cricket Standard Synthetic

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Try 10 different types of pellets from big brands like JSB and Air Arms to help find the right pellet for you, 10 Paper Targets are also included.

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Product Description


KalibrGun Cricket Standard Synthetic PCP Rifle

The Kalibrgun Cricket Standard with a synthetic stock has a 14 shot magazine, short on overall length, but high on power! The Cricket Standard gives rifle performance with an ultra short bullpup design. Supplied with 2 magazines. Scope not included.

Available in .177 or .22 calibre. 

.25 F.A.C rifles available as well with over 100+ shots at 40ft/lbs.


  • Bullpup PCP Rifle 
  • Pellets loading from rear chamber
  • 14 Shot Magazine
  • Monoblock
  • Weaver Rail
  • Overall length 680mm
  • Moderator 30mm
  • Weight 2.7kg including stock (without scope - not included)

FAC Options available, please contact us for more information.

Additional Information

Airgun Type Pre Charged Pneumatic
Brand KalibrGun
Condition New
Additional Information

Additional Information

Airgun Type Pre Charged Pneumatic
Brand KalibrGun
Condition New
Customer Reviews (1)
Unbelievable Accuracy and Insane shot count!
What a rifle! I have never owned a regulated rifle prior to this (previous rifle was a Gunpower Stealth in .177 - hardy tool but falling apart now after ten years of abuse) so was taken aback by its consistency. I have shot a 56 shot string with only 5fps difference between all shots!

The gun is weighty - it's short length magnifies this, but its a good thing. The rifle holds solid in all stances - so solid that my standing shot distance has increased due to its balance and ease of holding.

Its accuracy has to be seen to be believed. On an inside 30m range I have managed groups (14 shot/full mag) of a fraction over 6mm, not too bad considering the rifle is 5.5mm/.22 calibre. It's average group outside with very little wind is a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch.

The trigger is very nice with a wide blade that fills the pad of your finger well and makes the break easy. Mine came set very lightly but I like it - just push through the first stage until you hit the second, exhale, pause and let it fly. There is no safety other than de-cocking the gun but as I always treat all guns as if they were loaded this isn't terrible - it would have been nice to have safety buts not a show stopper! the pros FAR outweigh this single con!

The build quality is good and feels "well made" as in there are no rattles / loose parts. I chose synthetic as it's primarily a pest control tool for me and must stand up to a lot of abuse.

The magazines are very easy to fill, if a tiny bit fiddly to slot home, but with a little practice has quickly become second nature. I have found the rifle likes both Air Arms field and JSB Jumbo heavies in 5.52mm (with the JSB *just* winning on groups so thats what I went with). It has a MUCH greater range than my previous rifle, no doubt due to its almost impossible accuracy - you can watch the pellet rise and drop on the vertical reticle with no wobble. I have made successful headshots on squirrels right out to 60m (63m to be exact - thanks ChairGun!). I'm sure this rifle has made me a better shooter!

I fill the rifle with a Hills stirrup pump - no hassle at all and a LOT easier to fill to 200bar than the stealths 500cc bottle. The inclusion of the cheekpiece is a nice touch too guys - I have tried it without to see how it was and its very uncomfortable without.

If your looking for a sexy rifle to coo and goo over with your friends down the range/HFT than I may not recommend this: it seems to me that this is a tool, built for accuracy not looks.

Recommendations? Make sure you buy a low profile extendable bipod (5.1" or lower) and a good sling - it gets heavy quickly after a few Km in the woods! Also be aware that mounting a bipod will eat a fair portion of your foregrip (luckily my bipod is comfy enough to use as a grip when folded down).

I bought this rifle after watching the Airgun Gear Shows review of it (and AirgunnerSA/Matt Dubber) and I have to say that they were correct in everything they said - the rifle is way more accurate than the shooter! If you miss then I assure you it was YOUR fault and not the rifles! These things are tack drivers - I look forward to trying it in the summer on some rabbits once the Squirrel season has slowed!
Review by Ben (Posted on 02/01/2017)
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"These guys are top shelf folks. From the owner to all the employees I've met. Johnathan and Dan were especially helpful. Had several dealings with them over the last year or so. They ALWAYS went above and beyond to take care of me. Bought several items from them at the Northern Shooting Show. They pulled strings, and went out of their way to accommodate me. I'd rate them 10 stars if Google offered them! Fine folks."


Google Reviews 5 Star

Product Questions

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Can you recommend a bipod for this rifle?
Would I have make any modifications to the rifle to install a bipod (e.g drilling)?
Do you have this in stock at your Bolton store? If not (or low stock), do you know when you are expecting your next delivery?
How much would the Kalibrgun cricket synthetic stock cost in US dollars shipped to New York USA?
If so, how long would it take to arrive?
Also do you offer any packages with a scope?
Will you be getting any more Kalibr Gun Cricket Standard Synthetic in stock soon ????
Hi im wanting to buy one of these , but I would like to know if you do the synthetic stock in the compact model ?
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