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One of the things we pride ourselves on most at the Cheshire Gun Room is our Gunsmithing.  With over 110 years combined knowledge in the workshop there isn’t much we can’t do.  Whether it be a simple screw cut of a bolt action hunting rifle, a service of a Pre Charged Pneumatic Air Rifle or the full restoration of a near 100 year old English Side Lock, we can do it all.  More than that, we can do it well!

Hidden away in the back of our Stockport store is our fully equipped workshop.  From here we are able to undertake all aspects of both modern and traditional gunsmithing.

The prices and services can be found below:

Gunsmith working on air rifle


Service PCP (unregulated) from £85
Service PCP (regulated) from £160
Service Springer from £75
Chronograph Report (printed shot string) from £10
Fit Scope & Zero from £15
Fit Q.D Studs from £12



Basic Service from £85
Reset Regulator Pressure £25
Basic Service & Reset Regulator £120
Chronograph Report (printed shot string) from £10

FULL KalibrGun Cricket Service - as above plus complete regulator overhaul to include; Complete disassembly, re-facer delrin sealing face 
(piston stop), replace all internal seals, clean and re-set 
regulating pressure is £160

Gunsmith cocking a rifle


Service Rifle - Rimfire & Centre Fire from £75
Screwcut Barrel (Thread Only) from £45
Screwcut & Re-crown from £55
Shorten Barrel, Screwcut & Re-crown from £60
Fit Rings & Bases - Lazer Bore Sight from £15
Barrel Shrouding P.O.A
Tactical Enlarged Bolt Knobs Supplied & Fitted from £55
Trigger Tuning from £45
Aluminium Pillar Bedding from £140
Glass Bedding from £180
Pillar & Case Bedding Together from £300
Annual Safety Inspections from £45

Gunsmith working on shotgun


Standard Service: Disassemble action, clean & de-grease internals in chemical bath, precise lubrication, reassemble & test.

Over & Under £65
Box Lock £65
Sidelock £125
Hammergun £125
Pump Action £55
Semi-Auto £55

Premier Service: Full strip & clean of every individual component part in chemical bath, hand polish component parts where appropriate, precise lubrication, reassembly & test.

Over & Under £120
Box Lock £120
Sidelock £195
Hammergun £195
Pump Action £100
Semi-Auto £100
Replace Firing Pins / Strikers (each) from £35
Top Lever Spring from £60
Main Spring from £85
Ejector Spring P.O.A
Black Furniture (top lever, trigger guard plate & pins) from £75
Regulate Triggers from £65
Regulate Ejectors from £35
De-activate Shotgun / Rifle with proof house certificate from £175
De-activate Pistol (Section 5) with proof house certificate from £200

Gunsmith working on barrel


Sleeving (fully inclusive; supply tubes, re-proof & blacking) from £675
Invisible Sleeving (as above - welds will not be visible) from £895
Barrel Blacking from £150
Barrel Browning from £200
Relay Ribs & Black from £350
Relay Ribs & Brown from £400
Bore Lapping P.O.A
Tighten Action from £55
Choke Alterations from £45
Raise Dents and Internally Polish from £55
Fit Centre Beads (O/U) £18
Fit Front Beads (O/U & S/S) £12
Remove Stuck Chokes (at customers own risk!) from £25

Gunsmith working on woodwork


Re-finish Stock & Forend (hand rubbed oil finish) £185
Clean Out and Refresh Existing Chequering £120
Chequering (from scratch or re-cut completely worn) £225
Chequering Butt Pad from £65
Stock Lengthening from £45 + parts
Stock Shortening from £45 + parts
Stock Casting (one way) from £75
Stock Casting (two ways) from £95
Re-stocking Boxlock (not inclusive of stock blank) from £975
Re-stocking Sidelock (not inclusive of stock blank) from £1675
New Forend Wood (not inclusive of stock blank) from £475
Repair Cracked Stock P.O.A
Fit Oval (price excludes oval & engraving if required) from £75
Fit Adjustable Comb Raiser from £160
Install Recoil System (Exclusive of Mechanism) from £85

If you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can give us a ring on 0161 480 8222 with any enquiries or fill out the form below and a member of our team will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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