Hik Micro

HIK Micro | Smart Thermal Monoculars

HIK Micro use the latest technology in thermal sensors to provide high quality image at a competitive price. All of the HIK Micro Owl models have a thermal sensor with a NETD of < 35mk, this is the measure of smallest temperature difference that the sensor can detect between 2 objects. The smaller this number is, the more sensitive the sensor is, giving the HIK Micro monoculars a clearer and more detailed image than many high-end monoculars on the market.

HIK Micro have created an app that allows you to seamlessly connect to the device and stream and control all of the features. You can record video and pictures from the app and tweak all of the settings. This is even available on the lower end unit, the 6mm Owl.

HIK Micro monoculars have a feature called "Hot Track" - when enabled, the hottest point on the display is highlighted with a green crosshair. This is very useful to highlight small heat sources that might get easily missed.

HIK Micro monoculars come in different models and sizes with varying display resolutions. Each product is backed by the 3 year Warranty should you have any with a HIK unit in the warranty period then the UK service centre can repair within a few days. 

Finance Available from £250 to £15,000

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