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Best Fox Call ICOtec Night Stalker Remote Fox Caller Front
Best Fox Call ICOtec Night Stalker Remote Fox Caller Front Best Fox Call ICOtec Night Stalker Remote Fox Caller Remote Best Fox Call ICOtec Night Stalker Remote Fox Caller Back alt

Best Fox Call ICOtec Night Stalker Remote Fox Caller

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Product Description


Best Fox Call ICOtec Night Stalker Remote Fox Caller

The Night Stalker Programmable Game Call offers professional grade durability, sound quality, volume level, long range remote activation and features that make it a snap to operate during a hectic night foxing! Developed by and for professional predator hunters who demand performance and still want a practically priced product.


  • Includes 240 call sounds (Featuring 50 sounds from Tony Tebbe)
  • 300 yard no-line-of-sight remote range
  • Play two sounds simultaneously
  • Two separate play & pause buttons
  • Store up to 500 sound files internally
  • Large, easy-to-read remote display
  • Day or night remote screen display options
  • Recall up to 20 favourites and one coax sound
  • Plays .mp3 and .wav file formats
  • Free unlimited sound library downloads
  • Tremendous volume & sound clarity
  • All cables included
  • Tripod mountable
  • Long battery life
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Caller requires 10 AA batteries, not included
  • Remote requires 4 AA batteries, not included

Preloaded Calls

  • 001 JDP Invitation Howl
  • 002 BS Lone Howls
  • 003 JDP FCyt Lone Hwls
  • 004 JDP MCyt Lone Hwls
  • 005 JDP FCyt Invite Hwls
  • 006 JDP MCyt Invite Hwls
  • 007 WT Female Cyt Howl
  • 008 WT Male Cyt Howl
  • 009 TT Alpha Male Invitational
  • 010 TT Alpha Female Invitational
  • 011 TT Lonesome Coyote
  • 012 TT Lone Yodeler
  • 013 TT Simple Invite
  • 014 ICO Single Coyote Howl
  • 015 TT Lonely Male
  • 016 ICO Pup Howls
  • 017 JDP Puppy Hwls
  • 018 ICO Cyt Barks
  • 019 JDP Cyt Serenade
  • 020 TT Coyote Mated Pair
  • 021 TT Yipping Pair
  • 022 TT Alpha Slumber
  • 023 TT Alpha Pair Invitational
  • 024 TT Coyote Pair Territorial
  • 025 Locator Siren
  • 026 ICO Grp Hwl 1
  • 027 ICO Grp Hwl 2
  • 028 TT Coyote Group Howl 4
  • 029 TT Coyote Soundoff
  • 030 WT Cyt Group
  • 031 ICO Challenge Hwl 1
  • 032 ICO Challenge Hwl 2
  • 033 ICO Challenge Hwl 3
  • 034 JDP Cyt Challenge
  • 035 JDP Cyt Yips
  • 036 JDP FCyt Whimpers
  • 037 TT Alpha Female Coyote
  • 038 TT Alpha Male Excited
  • 039 TT Simple Challenge
  • 040 TT Stuck On You
  • 041 TT Trash Talker
  • 042 TT Wet Hornet Coyote
  • 043 SH Poots Revenge
  • 044 TT Alley Pup Brawl
  • 045 TT Coy Pup Tussle
  • 046 TT Coyote Cage Fight
  • 047 TT Coyote Fox Fight (2)
  • 048 TT Coyote Fox Fight
  • 049 TT Coyote Tango
  • 050 ICO Cyt Pup Growls
  • 051 ICO Cyt V Cat
  • 052 ICO Cyt V Cottontail
  • 053 ICO Cyt V Fawn
  • 054 ICO Cyt V Piglet
  • 055 ICO Raya Fight
  • 056 ICO Pup Death Rally
  • 057 ICO Pup Attack
  • 058 ICO Mad Coyote
  • 059 ICO Battling Pups
  • 060 ICO Pig Screams
  • 061 ICO Pip Squeak
  • 062 ICO Pup Chatter
  • 063 ICO Pup Dists
  • 064 ICO Pup screams
  • 065 ICO Pup Sqls
  • 066 ICO Pup Talk
  • 067 ICO Pup Whine
  • 068 ICO Puppy Cries
  • 069 ICO Pups Crying
  • 070 ICO Squallin Pup
  • 071 ICO Squealing Pups
  • 072 ICO Tiny Pups
  • 073 JDP Cyt Distress
  • 074 SH Cyt Pup
  • 075 TP Pup Whines
  • 076 TT Coyote Pup Screams
  • 077 TT Den O Pups
  • 078 TT Hurting Pup
  • 079 TT Little Pup1
  • 080 WT Cyt Pup Distress
  • 081 ICO Dog Wmpers
  • 082 ICO Dstrbed Coy
  • 083 ICO Dueling Cyt’s
  • 084 ICO Fussy Cyt
  • 085 ICO Mega Pup
  • 086 ICO Baby Cottontail
  • 087 ICO Bugs Bunny
  • 088 ICO Cottontail Chatter
  • 089 ICO Cottontail Frenzy
  • 090 ICO Desperate Jack
  • 091 ICO Frightened Bunny
  • 092 ICO Jack Rabbit Squalls
  • 093 ICO New Jack
  • 094 ICO Sr. Cottontail Rabbit
  • 095 ICO Young Jack Rabbit
  • 096 JDP MO Cottontail
  • 097 JDP Spazz Rabbit
  • 098 JDP Rabbit
  • 099 SB-Rabbit
  • 100 TT Captain Jack
  • 101 TT Cottontail Overdrive
  • 102 TT Cowtip Cottontail
  • 103 TT Freeloader Jack
  • 104 TT Jack Breath
  • 105 TT Jack Knife
  • 106 TT Squeal Baby Jack
  • 107 WT Cottontail Distress
  • 108 WT Jack Rabbit Distress
  • 109 BS Jack Chatter
  • 110 BS Death Cries
  • 111 BS Cotntl Chatter
  • 112 BFC Hare
  • 113 BFC Hare 2
  • 114 ICO Baby Blackbird
  • 115 ICO Cardinal Distress
  • 116 ICO Chicken Distress
  • 117 ICO Chicken Squawks
  • 118 ICO Ducklings
  • 119 ICO Killdeer Distress
  • 120 ICO Mocking Bird Distress
  • 121 ICO Pheasent Dist
  • 122 ICO Robin 1
  • 123 ICO Robin 2
  • 124 JDP Spazz Bird
  • 125 JS Chick
  • 126 RG Baby Sparrow
  • 127 RG Bird Screams
  • 128 RG Flicker 1
  • 129 RG Flicker 2
  • 130 RG Hawk Screams
  • 131 RG Turkey Distress
  • 132 RG Woodpecker Whailing
  • 133 TT Baby Quail 2
  • 134 TT Killdeer Cries
  • 135 TT Raven 1
  • 136 TT Raven-Magpies
  • 137 TT Single Raven
  • 138 TT Woody Wood
  • 139 WT Woodpecker Distress
  • 140 BFC Guinea Fowl
  • 141 BS Bizzy Bird
  • 142 BS Crazy Bird
  • 143 ICO Baby Chick
  • 144 ICO Baby Grackle
  • 145 RG Red Fox Fiasco
  • 146 RG Red fox fight
  • 147 RG Red Fox Whistling
  • 148 SH Red Fox Pup
  • 149 TT Grey Fox Fight
  • 150 WT Gray Fox
  • 151 WT Red Fox Distress
  • 152 ICO Grey Fox Barks
  • 153 RG Fennec Fox Fight
  • 154 RG Fox Whistle 2
  • 155 RG Fox Whistle
  • 156 RG Grayfox Screams
  • 157 ICO Mouse Chatter
  • 158 ICO Rat Distress
  • 159 RG Fisher
  • 160 RG Muskrat Baby
  • 161 TT Baby Grey
  • 162 TT Guinee Pig
  • 163 WT Mouse Vole
  • 164 BFC Coaxer
  • 165 BFC Rat Distress
  • 166 BRS Shrew
  • 167 ICO Baby Squirel
  • 168 ICO Grndhog Pup
  • 169 RG Fawn Screams
  • 170 TT Antelope Fawn 2
  • 171 WT Fawn Distress
  • 172 BFC Orphan Lamb
  • 173 ICO Blind Goat
  • 174 ICO Fawn Chatter
  • 175 RG Baby Sheep
  • 176 RG Elk Calf
  • 177 ICO Crying Kittens
  • 178 ICO Feral Cat
  • 179 ICO Hungry Kittens
  • 180 TT 1-900-LION
  • 181 TT Lion Caterwaul
  • 182 TT Lion Chat
  • 183 TT Lion Whistle
  • 184 WT Bobcat Adult
  • 185 WT Bobcat Heat
  • 186 ICO Coon Chatter
  • 187 ICO Coon Distress
  • 188 ICO Coon Fight 2
  • 189 ICO Coon Fight
  • 190 ICO Coon Screams
  • 191 ICO Coon Twitters
  • 192 RG Coon Babys
  • 193 RG Coon Fight
  • 194 TP Baby Coon
  • 195 WT Raccoon Baby Distress
  • 196 ICO Crow Gang
  • 197 ICO Crow Rally
  • 198 ICO Sunrise Crow
  • 199 RG Crow Chatter
  • 200 RG Crow Talk
  • 201 WT Crow Baby Distress
  • 202 WT Crows And Barred Owl
  • 203 ICO Angry Pig
  • 204 ICO Baby Piglet Distress
  • 205 ICO Hungry Pigs
  • 206 RG Wild Hog
  • 207 ICO Wolf Howl 1
  • 208 ICO Wolf Howl 2
  • 209 ICO Wolf Howl 3
  • 210 ICO Wolf Howl 4
  • 211 ICO Wolf Rally
  • 212 WT Timber Wolf Howl
  • 213 WT Timber Wolf Pup
  • 214 ICO Buck Grunts
  • 215 ICO Esterous Bleets W Grunts
  • 216 ICO Esterous Doe Bleets
  • 217 ICO Excited Buck Grunts
  • 218 ICO Long Buck Grunts
  • 219 ICO Rattling
  • 220 WT Whitetail Buck Grunt
  • 221 WT Whitetail Buck Snort Wheeze
  • 222 RG Bull Elk
  • 223 RG Cow Elk
  • 224 WT Snow Geese Feeding
  • 225 WT Snow Geese Flying
  • 226 RG Bear Cub
  • 227 RG Black Bear Cub
  • 228 ICO African Feeding Frenzy
  • 229 ICO Hyena 1
  • 230 ICO Hyena 2
  • 231 ICO Jackal Howling
  • 232 ICO Jackals Howling
  • 233 LS Bull Grunt 1
  • 234 LS Bull Rattle
  • 235 LS Cow Communication
  • 236 LS Estrus Cow
  • 237 LS Hot Estrus Cow
  • 238 LS Bull Grunt 2
  • 239 WT Turkey Gobbles
  • 240 WT Turkey Yelps

Additional Information

Brand Best Fox Call
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Best Fox Call
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For over 20 years Cheshire Gun Room Ltd has been exporting and importing firearms, worldwide, to destinations as far ranging as Europe and the US to Nepal, Australia and beyond. We can also deal with the imports and exports of accessories such as scopes, moderators, ammunition and most of the items displayed online.

From start to finish we endeavour to make the whole experience as pain-free as possible.

We are not only able to export guns that we have sold but can also arrange exports for 3rd parties, such as clients who have sold their guns to people abroad or customers looking to move to a different country. We can also assist other gun shops who have enquiries abroad.

If you need a gun moving in or out of the UK, we can usually help whatever the circumstances and wherever the destination.

We can import and export Section 1, Section 2, Section 5, Air Rifles and Antiques & De-activated weapons.

  • Section 1: Bolt auction rifles, high capacity shotguns, long barrelled pistols
  • Section 2: Any shotguns under 3 shots
  • Section 5: Pistols, semi-automatic rifles, fully automatic rifles
  • Antiques: Antique & deactivated weapons, show pieces, war pieces

We hold Open Licenses for Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. This greatly speeds up the export process to these destinations eliminating the need, in most cases, to apply for an export permit on a case by case basis.

The map below shows a selection of some of the places we have exported to over the years and the type of gun exported.

 Export Procedure – Some Key Points

  • The main method of carriage we will use for transporting your goods will be Air Freight (sea freight and road freight are also available) and the service is known as Door To Port.  This means the guns will leave our premises and arrive at your nearest customs served International Airport from where you will arrange collection.  Shortly after shipping, you will receive an Airway Bill which will show flight numbers and arrival date.  You can then use this to arrange collection of your firearms from the airport.  Please note, it is your responsibility as the Importer to be sure of all import regulations and firearms law in your country.
  • In the UK, air rifles are classed as firearms.  Because of this we are unable to use couriers such as Fed Ex, UPS etc to send the guns abroad, even if the gun requires no import paperwork in your country, which in a lot of cases they don’t, they must still be exported in the same way as a shotgun or a rifle and flown to an airport for you to collect.  The only exceptions to this are customers in Mainland Europe.  We can ship air rifles to these customers at a vastly reduced cost but only if they are UK Legal Limit I.E Sub 12 ft/lb rated.
  • In almost all cases, any shotgun or rifle (and some air rifles) you intend to import will require an import license.  This is your responsibility to obtain and we can offer little assistance with this although we will help as much as we can.  Firearms licensing, police etc in your country should be able to offer better assistance.  Some antique firearms require no import license.  See below.
  • Some countries have provisions for antique firearms including USA and Canada.  In these cases, providing the guns were manufactured before a certain date, you can forgo a lot of the standard import regulations.  This is especially helpful for customers wishing to purchase English Shotguns and Hammer Guns.  For example, if you are a US customer you can import a gun produced before 1898 without any import license, import broker or FFL dealer.
  • Whatever the situation or however unsure you might be the best thing to do is get in contact straight away.  We are always happy to help and will endeavor to offer the best, most cost effective and quickest solution to your needs.  Our passion is guns and shooting, and we love to share that with our customers around the world!

You can contact us either by emailing exports@cheshiregunroom.com or by phone on +44 161 480 8222 Option 4 or direct on +44 161 475 0132.  We look forward to hearing from you soon! We aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on working days.

Please note we have staff available to speak/write in the following languages: English Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, French and Cantonese.


"These guys are top shelf folks. From the owner to all the employees I've met. Johnathan and Dan were especially helpful. Had several dealings with them over the last year or so. They ALWAYS went above and beyond to take care of me. Bought several items from them at the Northern Shooting Show. They pulled strings, and went out of their way to accommodate me. I'd rate them 10 stars if Google offered them! Fine folks."


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